Wool-e is an Information Technology consultancy based in the city of Covilhã, Portugal, that has the mission to deliver high value IT projects for a reduced cost.
We base our value proposition in the functional and technical skills of our solution architects and analysts, acquired through years of participation in international projects at the service of some of the greatest IT consultancies in the world, associated with the reduced cost allowed by the use of near-shoring development to the Beira-Interior region and with the quality with which our certified project managers have built their careers upon. We daily work towards the creation of long-term relationships with our Clients, making their success our success, within a vision of symbiotic partnership that we believe to be the basis of sustainable growth.



Turn-key projects

Development of turn-key projects delivered according to the functional survey performed by our analysts in our Client’s work environment or the specifications as requested.………………….



In this scenario Wool-e assumes full responsibility for one or more of the Information System components of the Client, according to preset Service Level Agreements that insure Service Quality.………………………


Body Shopping

The Client selects a Wool-e Consultant that becomes available to work under the Client’s direct supervision to perform tasks either locally, at the Client’s headquarters, or remotely, at Wool-e headquarters.


At Wool-e we believe that there are no good or bad technologies, only the right tool for the right job.
Thus we strive to have a well-rounded skill set that allows us to make the most correct choices for the problems at hand.


With CRM you can keep your customers, leads, contacts information, all in the same place. Track all your emails and interactions with your customers, so all your conversations can be up-to-date and relevant. Make your business grow by having your customer right next to you. CRM, you and your customers, together.


Tired of spending money, time and energy just to keep up-to-date with the technology advances?
Cloud computing is your solution. Don’t worry about updates, memory, scalability. Tell us your needs, we give you the solution. Together we build your success.


The high number and complexity of your systems and their integration demand a great commitment and energy from you and your business. Choosing the right tools and approach is a challenge.
Wool-e has the solution to help you redesign your business processes, increase security and optimize the interoperability of your systems. More integration, higher efficiency, less work.


Wool-e offers the best solutions for mobile devices. Save your organization time, money and energy.
We help you consolidate your expenses and simplify the management of your business. With us, control your business from your hand!


Alameda dos Castanheiros, Lote 4C | Canhoso – Covilhã, 6200-014 | Portugal

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